Path of Meditation

Kurs i meditation

med Venerable Sungrab Woeser,
Sakya-munk från Nederländerna

Kursen ges online och pågår mellan januari och mars 2021

View permeates meditation. Meditation permeates view.
’Path’ means graduated steps towards a destination. In buddhism the path is aimed at liberation from causes of pain and suffering and at abiding in peace of mind.
Meditation is a translation of the Pali word bhavana, meaning development, transference. It changes the fluctuations of disturbing feelings and thoughts into equanimity. This is the common purpose of meditation: to subdue the mind.
The spiritual path of meditation is to enhance one’s motivation for the benefit of all beings, to the end of space. It is the aim for limitless love, compassion and liberation.
There are diverse types of meditation, fitting inner and outer situations in our life. Meditation will lead to desired change when the right kind of meditation is used for the right purpose. The same is true when techniques are applied correctly and precisely.
The Path of meditation is the assimilation of spiritual aims and correct methods.
Buddha’s views are the warmth of luminosity and of most excellent happiness. They create wholeness and completion. His wisdom guides all beings towards liberation: from ego into selflessness, from dependence into independence, from unprotected into protected, from bondage into liberation.
In this course, we shall study Buddha’s words of wisdom, explore step by step different types of meditation and train in several meditation techniques.


19 and 26 January
9 and 16 February
2, 9, 23, och 30 March


Time: 20.00-21.30


Two ways of participating
View, path and result are all in one.


A. You want to join all 8 online meetings
In that case please send an email to and you will receive a Zoom-link for all meetings. You will now and then receive a written summary of the teachings and meditations, which were explained and practised during the course.
Also you will receive the ZOOM recordings of each session.

You will join most of the meetings and you take your homework seriously.

Fee : 650 kr for members / 750 kr for non-members


B. You want to join a single meeting whenever it fits you
In that case please send an email to just before the chosen meeting and you will receive the Zoomlink. Please pay in advance  each time you join. You will not receive any written material or recordings. No homework.


Fee : 80 kr for members / 100 kr for non-members


Pay to Föreningen för tibetansk buddhism
Plusgiro: 831 87 20-3
Swish: 123 018 21 21


Taking part
Buddha’s views are meant for all beings. So, for this course, there is no need to be or to become a buddhist.


About Venerable Sungrab Woeser
Sungrab Woeser is a buddhist Sakya monk in the Netherlands. He has been a
buddhist since 1993, before being ordained as a monk in Tibetan Buddhism in 2009. His root teachers are HH Dalai Lama, HH Sakya Trizin and sons, and Khenpo Sherab Gyaltsen Amipa. He accomplished retreats on metta, samatha and tantra. Venerable Sungrab studied buddhist philosophy for several years at the International Buddhist Academy in Kathmandu, Nepal. Currently he is leading an ’open monastery’ in a northern region of the Netherlands.


Sungrab Woeser
Youtube: Sungrab Leen