Etikettarkiv: Joy of Being

Kum Nye Yoga – Workshop 29-31 Augusti 2014

Workshop med Britta Hauenschild


“It is important that we enjoy our lives… The enjoyment we need is joy that flows through us like a deep current supporting us through all manner of experience. It is the juice, the rich nectar of life itself, the source of meaning and all positive qualities. This is the kind of enjoyment that Kum Nye provides.”
(Tarthang Tulku in: The Joy of Being)

We all know how the presence or absence of the quality of joy makes a fundamental difference for our lives.
With joy, we feel well nourished, everything goes easy, we have pleasant contacts with others and we have a sense of abundance, richness and meaning. Joy can even be an armament against negativity and can help us to heal the negative patterns from the past that burden us. Fortsätt läsa Kum Nye Yoga – Workshop 29-31 Augusti 2014