Webbkurs – Patrul Rinpoche

Patrul Rinpoche - Dzogchen

Dza Ranyak Patrul Rinpoche som undervisat på vår förening många gånger, startar på måndag 18 maj en fri undervisning online.

“Dear friends near and far,
we hope you are well and healthy. We would like to extend our warmest spring greetings and invite you to join the upcoming online seminar, which is completely free of charge.

Following the Words of My Perfect Teacher
and Remarkably Attaining the Twofold Goal

Open to all, this seminar is a unique opportunity to study the foundations of the Buddhist view and practice through the “Words of my Perfect Teacher”, the ideal introduction to all aspects of the practice—perfectly suited for beginners as well as seasoned practitioner. This year the seminar will focus on the third chapter: “The Defects of Samsara.”

Greatly learned and experienced in meditation practices, Ranyak Patrul Rinpoche shares his knowledge and experience all around the world for more than twenty years. In 2007, he founded an international retreat and study center “Dharma City” in Belgium.

This seminar is part of a complete and graduated six-year study program, at the rate of one seminar per year. However due to the present extraordinary circumstances, there will be no exam this year. Rinpoche encourages the students of this and all other study cycles to review the main aspects of the path, especially the outer and inner preliminaries as they are outlined in the “Words of my Perfect Teacher”.”