Practicing the Six Perfections – Ven. Sungrab Woeser

Ven. Sungrab Woeser Undervisning online med  Ven. Sungrab Woeser – 16/8 och 20/9

Paramita means: ”that which goes beyond ” (Sanskrit). It is traversion to the perfection of virtue. There are six (also ten) virtues as a basis of buddhist practice:

Wisdom/Pacifying, Generosity/Benevolence, Morality/Ethics, Patience/Tolerance, Effort/Diligence, Concentration /Meditation.

In the perfect state these six are the enlightened accomplishments of the inner buddhanature. On the path to inner buddhahood, they are the sole practise of the bodhisattva vow: the aim to develop the perfect virtue  for the benefit of all beings. And for us, beings dwelling in samsara, through practicing the six virtues we can realize the liberation from suffering and its causes. Also, it is a means to the accomplishment of the four limitlesses: love, compassion, joy and equanimity.

In these two meetings each participant is encouraged to bring in an example of a daily life hindrance/disturbance by sending an email in advance.
(Send it to Sungrab at : )

Then Ven. Sungrab Woeser will discuss these examples on how we can apply the six virtues  as antidotes.

Ven. Sungrab Woeser will also explain the several levels and practical meaning of the six perfections.


During these sessions, Ven. Sungrab will also read the Samathabhadra prayer (in english). (That is why the usual time is extended with 15 min.)


Datum: Två tisdagar – 16/8 och 20/9
Tid: kl. 20.00-21.45
Plats: zoom
Kostnad: 80 kr/gång


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